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MacBook keyboards: Apple sued by its customers

MacBook keyboards: Apple sued by its customers – iPhone Soft

icon macbook 2016Apple's legal teams must prepare for a new mass battle in American courts.

A few days after a petition on this subject having collected more than 17,000 signatures, the apple brand has just been targeted by a collective action to denounce the keyboard faults of certain MacBooks. Customers demand compensation.

Apple sues customers for MacBook Keyboards

The complaint filed in the Northern District in California relates to MacBook of 2015 and MacBook Pro since 2016. These devices all have the same keyboard with the mechanism "butterfly".

Problem, these keyboards are particularly sensitive and they can quickly require a costly repair for a simple stuck dust between the keys, unless still under warranty.

According to the American press, the two main plaintiffs are claiming five million dollars.

macbook pro 15 open mugshot


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