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Apple to report on financial results [Q2] April 20

iPhone finance

The firm of Cupertino just announced that she would announce his latest financial results April 20. Its results will be based on the second quarter and first quarter civil from 2010.

Apple has not released any major new products in this past quarter. Indeed, the firm?s attention was focused on the iPad which was introduced at the end of January to be launched on April 3, just after the end of the quarter. In addition, it should be taken into account that the iPad was launched at the start of the new quarter in its first available model, Wi-Fi, and marketed only initially in the United States to arrive soon in Europe. Apple had planned to launch its iPad in Europe at the end of April but this week announced a postponement of the launch following too much demand.

Regarding these new financial results, analysts predict a net profit of $ 2.43 per share on income of $ 12.03 billion, well above Apple's forecasts, or $ 2.06 per share on situated income between 11 and 11.4 billion dollars. Compared to last year, net earnings were $ 1.33 per share for revenue of $ 8.16 billion.

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