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IMac turns 20 and Tim pays tribute to Steve

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneThe iMac celebrates its 20th anniversary, the first all-in-one desktop computer. A little revolution that was presented to us by Steve Jobs. Suddenly, Apple via Tim Cook, pays tribute to the former boss of the apple and reminds us how the iMac has changed our vision of the computer.

At the same time, we remember that this is the first collaboration of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, a young designer still unknown at the time.

Twenty years ago today, Steve introduced Mac to the world. He put Apple on a new path and never changed the way people look at computers.

The first Mac drawing by Jony Ive

The iMac relaunched Apple in 1998, after an early 90s rat that ended with the purchase of NeXT in 1996 and the return of Steve in 1997 in order to offer a more coherent range of Macs against Windows and its 95%. market share.

Ive's first task at the time of Steve Jobs was to help create a new revolutionary computer that looked nothing like the sleepy beige boxes we knew so far.

The final result was therefore the original iMac Bondi Blue Apple priced at $ 1,299.

imac 1998

With an all-in-one design with a translucent blue shell, Apple's first generation iMac was absolutely breathtaking, especially compared to the PCs of its time. In addition to the design, the iMac introduces new standards such as the only USB ports as connectors and the end of the floppy drive.

Finally, the iMac was the first model of the brand to start with an "i". Then came the iPod, iPhone, iPad, …

For the record, the first iMac of the name had a 15 inch HD screen, 32 MB of RAM, a 233 Mhz processor and 4 GB of storage. Even the first iPhone was better equipped 🙂 Nothing to do with the latest iMac or iMac Pro!