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UK: Vodafone to sell iPhone in January

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It is now official, the iPhone will be sold by the Vodafone subsidiary in Great Britain as of January 14. Sold in a simlock manner, subscription contracts will start from 30 per month (33) with a commitment of … two years! The iPhones will be sold respectively 59 (66) for an iPhone 3G 8Gb and 239 (268) for an iPhone 3GS 32Gb. Any tariff plan will include a data plan of 1Gb / month, which is higher than the 750Mb imposed by Orange which is also distributor of the precious but lower than the first reseller of the iPhone in England, O2, which offers a data plan unlimited in particular through its Wi-Fi access points.

Will the arrival of a third operator reselling the precious metal in Great Britain have an impact on competition?

We discuss it on the forum.