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The iPhone V4 could embed 64Gb of memory thanks to Toshiba

Toshiba has just announced the production, in the first quarter of 2010, of a p64Gb NAND flash. It?s this same company that currently supplies Apple with 16Gb and 32Gb chips for the iPhone 3GS.

From there, there is only one step to think that Apple could introduce this new chip in the iPhone V4. This would allow the iPod Touch V4 to go from 64Gb, currently, 128Gb of memory !

Indeed, the current version of the third generation iPod Touch incorporates two 32Gb flash chips to obtain the capacity of 64Gb. Replacing the latter with two 64Gb flash chips would allow it to take off and allow the iPhone V4 to replace its unique 32Gb flash chip with a 64Gb. Because, one of the selling points of the iPod Touch against the iPhone, is its greater capacity.

Toshiba announces that it plans to produce more than 3 million of this new flash chip every month from January 2010. There would be more than enough to supply Apple for the iPhone V4 and iPhone. '' iPod Touch V4.

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