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The iPhone is ready to fight on the battlefield!

The supplier of American aeronautical and military equipment Raytheon has an application for military purposes.

The software One Force Tracker (OFT) relies on iPhone technology in terms of location, high-speed Internet and speed measurement system to allow soldiers to track the movement of their allies and opponents in real time.

We have developed an application based on military communication standards that offers multimedia access, audio and written updates, SMS, reports, information in the field, emergency calls. , to declare Tushar Patel, the director of a research program Raytheon.

The software could be used by medical emergencies, firefighters and all emergency services who face crisis situations.

Daprs Raytheon, this service was designed to avoid network interruptions and hacking.

The purpose of this application is to allow soldiers to share information on the situation on the ground in the same way that, in civilian life, motorists share information on traffic conditions.

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