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Some developers would have been contacted for a Special Event

A day goes by without new rumors appearing about a Special Event and the MacTablet.

It seems likeApple has contacted certain developers to ask them to prepare a demonstrationn of applications that can run in a higher resolution 480 × 320 pixels (current resolution of the iPhone screen).

It is rumored that the MacTablet could be present around the January 26, 2010. The latter could have a screen of 7 inches (others speak of a screen of a resolution of 8 or 9 see 10 inches. It is not excluded that several resolutions are offered for sale …).

According to Gene Munster of Piper Jeffray, there is a 75% chance of having a Special Event in January and, according to analysts from the Wall street journal, there would be a 50% to 60% chance that the MacTablet would be present at that time. A new version of iPhone OS, specific to the MacTablet, could also be present. This MacTablet would see its price hovering around $ 600.

According to Nick Bilton of New york times, Steve Jobs would be delighted with the design of the MacTablet and that we would be very surprised to see how we can interact with the tablet.

We discuss it on the forum.

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