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Google officially presents its Nexus One

Press conference yesterday at Google or the glove of the Internet officially presented its Nexus One, in other words, the first Google Phone.

Although we have received in recent weeks stolen photos of the craft and even an unofficial presentation of its specifications, this is for Google the launch of the real iPhone killer.

Here are the official specifications of the new device designed by HTC:

1Ghz processor, 512Mb of RAM, microSD port, 5Mb / Pixel camera and a resolution of 480 × 800 (twice the iPhone resolution).

As for software, the Nexus One will embed voice and image recognition, a GPS, synchronization with Google services such as Gmail and Picasa. And to get the most out of the device, direct access to the AndroidMarket (the Android App Store).

At the touch interface, it is not multitouch (Apple has taken care to lock its patents) and Google has certainly not dared to offer a roundabout solution within its OS.

The fact remains that this device remains very interesting and will allow Google to increase its position in the smartphone market while offering and continuing to use its services available online.

The Nexus One is a little ahead compared to the current iPhone 3GS (hardware level), it will only remain Apple to align, see to offer more, compared to the Google phone with the next generation of the iPhone .

We discuss it on the forum.

(( Engadget | More information on the Nexus One )