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Belgium-iPhone facing you, following the assessment of a busy year!

At a time when 2009 is going to close, it is time for us to take stock of these last 365 days and to offer a summary of all the activities that have motivated us throughout this year. While the iPhone is still just one young kid, remember he was born in the United States in June 2007 only, the daily news his guard has not ceased to pater us and more than one title!

As you know, Belgium-iPhone is an information site totally dedicated to the iPhone but it is also a discussion forum, where the members, who keep growing, change and come to relate their own experience in relation to the ftiche object!

Belgium-iPhone is also a team, bringing together the best experts in the field, and capable of giving you the benefit of advice, tips and other geekeries that have just emerged …

Throughout this year 2009, we have offered an average of 150 articles per month! Then, thanks to you, it is no less than 20,000 visitors per day who have read our articles; not to mention the permanent members of the forum who are trying to cross the 15,000 mark?

Whether in terms of news, accessories reviews, games tests of all kinds, applications straight from the App Store, competitions organized in partnership with the designers of applications or accessories, adventures live publish the minute at various Apple conferences [keynotes], or even via the national media to defend the interests of the community that we represent on the territory of Belgium, it is a tireless dedication that we strive to maintain to provide you with the best information …

Without forgetting our famous Party Activation, organized several times in the different cities of the country, and allowing everyone to get immediate and free assistance, that it is oriented software or hardware. In addition to these, our experts and other fine technicians respond to the request live on the forum and provide the information and even the solution you expect through threads.

Once is not customary, so many reasons that prompt us to seek your participation. All for the sole purpose of providing you with the best information throughout the coming new year. This is why we invite you to let us know your opinion by comment, either on the blog, or even on the forum … Tell us in two words what you loved, what you liked less, what you would like more or what you found moved as a type of information or content on our site. And if you have any suggestions for 2010, all your comments are obviously welcome.

Until next year, the whole Belgium-iPhone team wishes you all the best for New Year's Eve?.

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