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IPhone 9 and Apple Watch 3 with micro-LED screen?

IPhone 9 and Apple Watch 3 with micro-LED screen? – iPhone Soft

iphone 9 iconWhat if the iPhone 8 was only a springboard to the iPhone 9? Logical you will say to me, it is the characteristic of the new technologies which evolve each year all speed.

This time, the Korean media (not cited by Melty) come forward to say that the iPhone 9 would be equipped with a micro-OLED panel, when the iPhone 8 would be satisfied with the OLED already seen for years at Samsung for example.

The news is not far-fetched in itself because Apple bought LuxVue in 2014, a company that has developed micro-LED screens. Gain ? Truer colors, a thinner slab and much lower consumption.

We already mentioned the possibility of a microLED screen on Apple Watch 2 in 2015 and more recently for the iPhone 8.

According to rumor, the Apple Watch 3 could benefit from it at the end of 2017 because its limited screen size would be easier to produce in large quantities.

Then, the iPhone 9 (or why not from the iPhone 8S) could be equipped. The expected manufacturers are the Chinese BOE and China Star Optoelectronics Technology.

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