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Singapore: 2,000 people for the launch of the iPhone 3GS!

marzo 26, 2020

The iPhone 3GS was also eagerly awaited from the side of Singapore o the launch of the new precious went to work last Friday. In total, these are not less than 2,000 people who were busy in a queue which, according to reports, reached no less than 5 hour wait before you can push the shout of relief?

The operator and exclusive distributor of the iPhone on site, SingTel, however, planned to keep the customers patient. Numerous animations were planned in addition to the pretty ?S-Team? hostesses who welcomed customers as they should … Unfortunately few more staff to accelerate the pace of sales …

If you believe the evidence, the enthusiasm for the iPhone 3GS Singapore would be comparable to that of the iPhone 3G, the year goes by when launched.

The iPhone 3GS is sold blocked on the operator SingTel, with a 24 month subscription contract the key.

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