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Phil Schiller voices the return of Steve Jobs and the App Store …

marzo 26, 2020

Phil Schiller, the Steve jobs through intrim, just gave an interview to Telegraph.

From this interview, we can retain several essential elements:

First, Steve Jobs will be back in late June to resume all of his duties. Although on sick leave for 6 months, Steve Jobs remained very involved in the development of all his products. These products have been in development for a while, so it's obvious that Steve was involved. It can be said that Steve has stayed on top of many of Apple's strategically key decisions .

Second, the iPhone 3Gs is designed to develop even more powerful applications. The iPhone 3Gs becomes the AppStore platform. the AppStore is a huge bonus. It?s the most exciting platform in the world today, and it?s also a great device .

A more powerful processor, more Ram memory, more Flash memory and a revised screen, these are the ingredients to increase the success of the AppStore.

Thirdly, the tariffs applied by the various operators around the modem function of the iPhone I think the idea of ??having a device that you can use to connect to the internet with any computer is very exciting. The fact that you don't need to buy a data card or a separate plan is a great opportunity. This function is part of the same invoice of your telephone

Fourth, the price of the iPhone remains high. It's a pretty expensive smartphone I think consumers are aware that in the tech world, features are getting better and prices are generally going down from year to year. We started by selling the original iPhone at a much higher price, and we have gone down over time

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