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No desimlock for BaseBand 02.30 but a Yellowsn0w provided for Firmware 3.0 !?

In this auspicious period of newness and topicality, the Dev team part of pretty important communication.

Often questioned, rightly so, on the progress of BaseBand unlock in 02.30 (Firmware 2.2.1 official), the Dev team is taking the time to respond today.

The answer is unfortunately not very enthusiastic because the dev team says that there will be no software solution via Yellowsn0w to unlock a BaseBand in 02.30, cd an iPhone with the latest firmware 2.2.1.

However, their precious hours of development are devoted set up a yellowsn0w for Firmware 3.0.

Currently, this one is not yet available because it is kept secret until official release of firmware 3.0.

We discuss it on the Forum


Thank you Bidier (Didier la science)