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Macbook Air Retina postponed after WWDC 2018

marzo 26, 2020

icon macbook 2016Digitimes contradicts itself, or rather updates its information about the future Macbook Air Retina which was initially expected for the 2018 developers conference, the WWDC which will start on June 4.

Without stating any specific reason, the site, which has several sources at the production chain level, tells us that the marketing of the "small" Macbook has been shifted by one quarter.

steve jobs macbook air 2008

A price of 999?

The most probable hypothesis concerns the difficulty in obtaining processors. Apple's basic idea for this model is to lower the price and improve performance a bit in order to have an attractive mid-range and compete with ultra-portable Windows or Google.

In terms of price, the Macbook Air could drop below 999, instead of the current 1099. With a performance gain and a Retina display, we hold an excellent client for the end of year celebrations in the laptop category.

A nice repositioning that would allow Apple to celebrate with dignity the 10 years of this ultra portable that launched the market.

The month of September should be lively with the new iPhone, the new iPad Pro, the HomePod mini or even the AirPods 2 which often return in the rumors section.