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iPhone OS 3.0 available in preview!

marzo 26, 2020

iPhone OS 3.0 will be officially available on June 17 but this has not prevented some people from being able to get their hands on version 7a341 which is none other than the gold version of the new firmware, ie the version which will be officially offered this week next by Apple. It didn?t take too long for this gold version to be sold quickly on the internet.

The method to install this new firmware, your risks and prils, is on the forum. This new firmware is intended for the Belgian iPhone 3G dsimlock officially and does not concern iPhone V1 and 3G imports, under penalty of blocking your iPhone!

Although the first installation feedback is rather positive, Belgium-iPhone strongly advises you to wait for the official version which will be launched next Wednesday!

[Thanks Formaphil for the info]