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The weekly High Tech TV show!

marzo 25, 2020

Jrme Moda, radio host ?The FM Center?Invites you to find every week, an extract from the articles of Belgium-iPhone, in its mission High Tech!

This week we're talking about development GPS software by Navigon with the collaboration of T-Mobile and latest information regarding iPhone V3

Download the file here to listen to the show!

For information, The FM Center is diffused under the frequency 106.3 FM in the Central Region but also outside: the 10 municipalities of La Louvire, Soignies, Le Roeulx, Binche, Anderlues, Tubize, Morlanwelz, Carnires, Mont Saint Aldegonde, Anderlues, Manage, Seneffe, Ronquire, Ghlin, Maisire, Ecaussines, Montignies-Le-Tilleul, Maubeuge,?? .. in short? a large basin in the Hainaut region.

We discuss it on the forum.