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Rumors about the specifics of the next iPhone V3

marzo 25, 2020

We told you another day about the possible exit of an iPhone Nano. Today, other sites are getting wet by announcing the possible technical specifications from the next iPhone V3.

Therefore Derek Underwood announces that the iPhone V3 could integrate:

– A new more powerful processor than the current one.

– A increased memory up to 32Gb and a 128Mb RAM compared to 64Mb currently, allowing applications to be less prone to crashes and perhaps allowing several to be launched.

Autonomy would also be clearly seen increased thanks to a battery management like on the last Macbook Pro 17 ? Unibody.

– The design of iPhone V3 would be fully repent. Nevertheless, it would still keep dimensions similar to the current 3G

Safari 4 would be there and CoverFlow mode to browse your internet favorites would also be present (as well as for EDGE and 3G iPhones).

– The functions of cut-copy-paste would also be present in the future original firmware integrated into the iPhone V3 (but also for the EDGE and 3G iPhones)

– The price of this iPhone V3 would always be left to the goodwill of telephone operators.

– The camera of the iPhone V3 would improves and would allow use by third-party applications. This new camera would allow take videosFor more information on possible future functions of the iPhone V3, go to the dedicated topic on the forum:

We discuss it on the forum.

(Derek Underwood) and (Mac4Ever)

Photo credit: Simdub, winner of the competition for the design of the future iPhone V3 on Belgium-iPhone