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iPhone V3: No OLED screen and loss of the chrome outline?

ChinaOnTrade is an internet retailer of iPhone parts. This online store is apparently a big customer of the factory which is supposed to produce the iPhone V3. Recently, ChinaOnTradewanted to take the lead and ordered this factory to already supply its stock of spare parts for the new iPhone.

Ordering parts for iPhone V3 would have been accepted and some spices have already received through this online store. They also have no time to diffuse the photos of these parts or we can see that the screen of the new iPhone would not ultimately be OLED technology but would keep the screen of the current iPhone 3G, know an LCD screen. This choice for Apple could have been the cost of this technology which cost half the price.

Another element is the beveled outline of the new iPhone. The chrome outline would be abandoned in favor of a black band therefore resembling the outline of the iPod Touch.

Find many photos of these parts in the following.

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