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Houseparty, an app to keep a social life during confinement

Houseparty is fast becoming one of the most popular free apps of the moment. The confinement that plunges all of France is undoubtedly the cause.

The outings are restricted and controlled, so it is no longer possible, during this delicate period, to see friends or even to visit family.

Let's stay positive, this does not mean that socialization no longer needs to be, it only becomes more digital. Indeed, there are Houseparty image applications that allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones and to break the loneliness in a very funny way.

On the other hand, if Houseparty does not convince you, know that to make free video calls, there is Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Houseparty, is it the app for you?

It depends. The current situation makes this type of remote applications interesting, however, it has some shortcomings and we think it can be improved further. Here are the pros and cons:

Benefits of Houseparty

  • Video calls up to 8 people
  • Multiple games via video call

Disadvantages of Houseparty

  • The application is only available in English
  • Lack of variety of games
  • The interface is not very intuitive and it is difficult to get used to it
  • She has access to all your contacts

How does Houseparty work?

The Houseparty interface is not very intuitive. So we decided to create a step-by-step mini guide to help you better understand how it works.

The first thing to do is to download the application to your smartphone or computer.

installation, you will need to create an account, for this you will need a username and password. Your name must be identifiable by your friends so that they can find you easily.

The main screen of the application shows the video image you are recording, so smile! Someone can call you anytime. Below you will see several icons:

  • Three points: Share screen (Record screen), Record facemail (record a video and send it by message) and Disable Camera (deactivation of the sensor).
  • Camera rotation: to choose the sensor to use, front or back.
  • Padlock (Lock the room): for a private conversation and to choose your guests.
  • Microphone: to (ds) activate your audio output.
  • Cross: to quickly exit the video call.

The icons at the top of the screen are the ones that will allow you to socialize. The Smiley will help you find your friends who have already installed Houseparty.

They will appear on your contact list, we recommend that you browse this list and select Add to add as many contacts as you want or on Accept to accept requests for additions.

To invite a specific person, ask for their username and enter it in the section Add friends. In My friends, you can see who your friends are already in Houseparty.

The central icon, in circle shape At the top of the screen you will find new suggestions for friends. You can also access your inbox and see if they have sent you a message.

The icon + allows you to search for a contact using their username. If you touch one of these friends and press Invite to the Room, then a video call is invited. You can add multiple friends at once to create a group video call.

What mini-games are there on Houseparty?

Once you are on a video call, you can invite the person who receives you to play from a distance. Houseparty currently offers four mini-games, which are unfortunately only available in English.

  1. Heads up: you will have to give your opponent clues so that he can guess your card.
  2. Trivia: questions appear and each player will have to find the right answer.
  3. Chips and Guac: you must be at least 3 players. Cards appear and will have to match funny words / descriptions.
  4. Quick Draw! : Sort of draw, it's won. Players will have to guess what you are drawing.

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