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Firmware 3.0: Intentional clamping of the MMS for the iPhone V1?

The firmware 3.0 will bring its share of new features to the iPhone but in a more limited way to the Edge model where we learned during the last keynote that it could not take full advantage of the new features especially with regard to the bluetooth (stro functionality) and MMS, like the 3G model.

Regarding functionality MMS, we learn that Apple intentionally restricted this feature. In question, an investigation carried out by the site MacLife, who allowed himself to contact the chip manufacturer Infineon. The latter would have confirmed that the functionality MMS would not be based on the hardware side of the iPhone but rather on the software side (let's hear by the operating system, note). Strong argument when you know that the third-party application, Swirly MMS, which also works on the iPhone V1 jailbreak.

Why then this obstinacy of Apple, to ban functionality MMS on the iPhone V1 while materially, the latter quite capable of supporting this feature?

Would it be for the purpose of push consumers abandon their V1 iPhones to a more sophisticated model?

Anyway, the owner of iPhone V1 jailbreak can obviously still use an MMS application such as Swirly MMS.

In this regard, a new survey concerning functionality has just been set up on the blog:

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We discuss it on the forum.