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Special event: the 17 most anticipated functions for firmware 3.0 …

marzo 24, 2020

The preview tonight 6 p.m. improvements that the future can bring us firmware 3.0, gives a lot of hope and obviously leaves us with a lot of assumptions …

Among those that we hope to see announced, in terms of popularity:

1. The very famous ?copy paste?- requested from the first day of the iPhone release in June 2007!

2. A system push of notifications for applications running in background task, such as instant messaging?

3. The mode "landscape?Available from all native iPhone applications.

4. An interface ?Mail?Review and improve with for example message management by subject..

5. The synchronization of ?Notes?, In the same way as that applied to the calendar.

6. A ranking iPhone applications by category, to avoid, for example, looking for a specific game among the 9 possible pages of the springboard current?

7. The addition of custom ringtones for any native application like SMS, Calendar appointments, etc.

8. The addition of full Bluetooth support, so you can listen to your favorite music in streaming, or use a standard keyboard, etc.

9. Function MMS [Multimedia Messaging Service] although it is not really necessary thanks to conventional emails …

10. The video capture, would also be a major asset, despite that it is already possible via Cydia [for iPhone jailbreak]

11. Integrating an application GPS with voice guidance worthy of the name, like Tomtom for example, so that you can finally use the iPhone properly!

12. TheUSB Mass Storage, allowing to recognize the iPhone as a USB key from your computer …

13. Sharing and data synchronization coming from any application confused, via iTunes for example?

14. A ?search? function comprehensive and improved, such as that presented within ?Spotlight?On Mac OS?

15. Adding a ?voice dialing?, a little ?the sauce? Vocalia to be able to call any contact to the sound of their own voice!

16. The iPhone recognition as modem, so you can connect your laptop internet via iPhone while using her ?data? package!

17. Finally, the ?lock screen?[Unlock screen] should see more indications appear, such as the appointments of the day, from the calendar, or the weather forecast for your region for the next few days, etc.

A few hours before the verdict, the current discussion on the forum?