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Mac Pro: the new model will come out well in 2019 according to Apple, like a new screen

marzo 24, 2020

imac pro iconWe suspected, Apple just confirmed in an interview gives TechCrunch : the new Mac Pro is in the cards and will be released in 2019.

It's rare enough to be highlighted, Apple announces in the press a future product. Without giving details, It will be a product of 2019 tells us Tom Boger whose pompous title is Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing. The latest, the glossy black cylindrical, was released in 2013.

mac pro 2019 apple

The Mac Pro to save the iMac Pro?

Has the low sales of the iMac Pro caused Apple to react quickly and speak to the PRO community?

In any case, they are aware of the expectation that this model creates:

We know that today there are many customers who are making purchase decisions on the iMac Pro and are wondering if they should wait for the future Mac Pro. (…) We understand our pro clients and their workflows much better. We understand what are the current issues, but also their long-term needs, and all of this gives us enough work on the Mac Pro.

Apple has worked hard by setting up a team dedicated to the professional world, the Team Pro Workflow, led by John Ternus. Their goal is to optimize macOS and drivers for professional tools, especially for video and imaging. From what we read between the lines, Apple will favor the introprability of its own products in order to put the Mac Pro at the center.

Without giving a precise date, Apple therefore announces the Mac Pro for 2019, certainly towards the end of the year, the time to refine the beast which should cost at least 5000.

Finally, Phil Schiller also confirmed that Apple was working on a new Cinema Display screen. Interesting!