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To see it big, connect your laptop to a TV

No need for a smart TV to access Pluzz, Canal Play, Netflix, YouTube Connect your computer to your TV and enjoy, on the big screen, all online video platforms.

Simple and fast, you just need to find the right cable or key.

To find out how to connect your tablet or smartphone to your TV, then go to this tutorial.

Which cable to choose to connect your PC to your TV?

Before you buy anything, check the ports on your computer and TV.

The HDMI port is the most widely used on TVs and computers. Good news because it is the easiest way to connect one another. On the image above, we have outlined in red the HDMI input (Type-A). The tablets have a smaller micro-HDMI port.

Even if the vast majority of TVs and laptops have this port, it is recommended that you check your devices. Note that there are several sizes of HDMI that we will detail below.

The VGA port (sometimes called PC IN, in blue on the previous image) is also widespread. It is a little less practical than the HDMI port since it only transfers the image. You will therefore need to get a VGA cable with a jack for sound.

If you have a recent laptop, it can have a USB-C port, rather than an HDMI, to counter this there are adapters to transform them into HDMI.

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Use an HDMI cable

Using an HDMI cable to connect a computer to a TV is simple and economical. The cable rating around 15, the quality of the image and the sound is not degraded by the latter and there is no adjustment to be made.

Before purchasing your HDMI cable, check the size of the sockets on your computer and TV.

Type A (left) is the standard. It is often found on large devices, such as TVs, computers or game consoles.

Type C (in the middle), also known as Mini HDMI, and type D (right) generally qualified as Micro HDMI, are found almost exclusively on tablets, ultra-portable PCs and smartphones.

  • When you find the right cable, turn on your TV, your computer, and connect it through HDMI.
  • On your television, choose the right video output using your remote control (button usually named AV or INPUT).
  • Your computer should automatically adjust your image for optimal viewing.
  • To change the display manually, on your computer, go to Resolution Display System Settings.

Use a VGA cable

If your computer and your TV do not have HDMI ports but VGA ports, you will need to obtain a VGA cable for the image and a 3.5mm audio Jack for sound.

The procedure is very simple:

  • Turn on your TV and computer and connect them using the VGA cable.
  • Plug your 3.5mm Jack cable into the earphone output of your computer and into the sound input of your TV.
  • Your computer should adjust the image automatically. If you want to change it, go to your display settings.

How to connect your computer to your TV wirelessly?

If you cannot connect your computer to your TV because it is fixed to the wall for example, then try wireless. Several options are available to you, and they greatly depend on the material at your disposal.

If your devices are new, they may have innovations like Miracast or Wi-Fi. These allow you to connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to your TV wirelessly.

Another way to link your computer to your TV is to use a multimedia dongle like Chromecast from Google. This accessory allows you to broadcast the content of all your Android, iOS, Windows devices on your TV. There are similar ones on Amazon France.

Connect an external display in Windows 10

When you connect your PC a TV via HDMI (or VGA) Windows should automatically detect and display an image on it. Just make sure your TV is on and set to the correct video input.

Otherwise, you can go through the Windows + P shortcut. Scroll through the displayed options (PC screen, Duplicate, Soft, Second screen only) by holding down the Windows key and pressing P. several times.

The other technique would be to go to Display settings, by right clicking on your Desktop. If the image below does not appear then it means that your PC could not detect your TV. So use another HDMI cable or port on your TV.

Scroll down to see the display options (notch 1, notch 2 …)

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