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Netflix Party: watch movies and more

In this period of confinement, our habits are turned upside down. We are far from our loved ones and we have to postpone or cancel events and evenings organized for weeks or even months in advance.

However, if you had planned to have a good time watching a film with friends, know that despite quarantine, it is still possible.

Indeed, the Netflix Party extension is THE solution to avoid loneliness and schedule a virtual evening with your loved ones.

To learn more about Netflix Party and learn how to install it on your computer, read the rest of this tutorial.

What is Netflix party?

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that lets you watch multiple movies and series, both remotely and simultaneously. It allows synchronization of the playback of videos and offers you a chat option to chat with your friends..

Download Netflix Party

To have access to Netflix Party, each participant must be subscribed to the platform and connect to it via the Chrome desktop version. Therefore, note that you will not be able to enjoy it on your iPadOS, iOS or Android.

To download Netflix Party, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • At the top right of the screen, click Install Netflix Party.
  • On the Web Store page that opens, select Add Chrome.

An NP icon will then appear at the top right of your browser window.

Use Netflix Party

Once its installation is complete, you are now able to launch Netflix Party, for this:

  • Open Netflix.
  • Start a movie, or a series.
  • Click on the icon NP. By default, anyone invited can control the Netflix evening, but you can also change this by checking the box. Only I have control.
  • Click on Start the party.

A link will then be sent to your friends. Make sure they click on the NP icon to join Netflix Party after accepting the invitation.

You and your friends can then chat among yourselves by tapping in the right field of the film.

To end the Netflix game, click again on the icon NP and choose Disconnect.

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