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Where will you be able to use your iPhone 3G?

marzo 22, 2020

As its name and new features indicate, the new iPhone will be able to connect to broadband networkssays 3G.

Currently in Belgium, Those are Mobistar and Proximus who are the only ones offering this standard network.

To degrees different availability as you can see on the following cards:

IPhone 3G arrives in Belgium and exclusively in Mobistar, it's a fact. There are however work to be done in terms of development of its 3G network.

The English operator, O2, found himself hardly ready in the same situation at the launch of the iPhone across the Channel, since the improvement of his network has become clearly feel.

Mobistar will he react and take measurements to increase the development of its 3G network medium term in order to offer good conditions for using the iPhone 3G [among others]?

We could already believe it if we trust forecast of the operator.

We discuss it on the forum.

@ Alex