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Google Translate is now able to transcribe your conversations in real time

Google has just added its translation application to a feature that should appeal to those who regularly attend conferences in another language. Google Translate is now able to transcribe conversations or long speeches in real time.

Google Translate Automatic Transcription

Up to now, it was already possible to speak and make sure that Google Translate transcribe your words. However, this functionality was not suitable for long discussions, conferences, etc. The update of the application now has a specific module dedicated to the translation and transcription of all your dialogues in real time. And the other good news is that this new functionality is now available in the following 8 languages: French, atEnglish, German, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Thai.

How to activate real-time transcription in Google Translate

To access this new functionality, nothing could be simpler. First, make sure you have the latest version Google Translate for Android (the application is called Google Translate in its French version). The most recent update may not yet appear on your account, as Google plans to deploy it as of the end of the week. From the home screen of the application, select the starting language and the target language. Then press the transcribe button and speak. The translation then appears immediately, whatever the length of the speech and the sometimes difficult conditions in which the speech is held.

Google doesn?t plan to stop there. We will continue to make oral translations available in various situations, said Sami Iqram, Google Translate product manager, in a statement. For now, the transcription function will work better in a quiet environment with only one person speaking at a time. In other situations, the app will do its best to deliver most of what is said.

The functionality is currently Android only, but should soon be available to iPhone users. Google has not yet released an availability date on iOS.

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