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New MacBook Air has slower SSD than its ancestor

marzo 12, 2020

The new MacBook Air, released a week ago, would be slower than its predecessor dating from 2018. Indeed, for the 256 GB version, the read speed is reduced by half.

With the announcement of its update, we could expect the new version of the MacBook Air to perform better. This is what we hope for product updates, regardless of its nature or the manufacturer. But Apple has decided to do everything else, and even take a step back, with the 2019 version of the lightweight laptop.

The siteConsomac did some tests on the MacBook Air using the Disk Speed ??tool. For the 256 GB version, the new model has a slower solid-state drive, compared to the processor in 2018. It can write a speed of 1 GB per second and read 1.3 GB per second. If it does better at the writing level, the 2018 version writing 920MB / s., It is much less efficient in reading. Indeed, its predecessor could read 2 GB / s. For the version with 128 GB storage, the speed was measured 500 MB per second for writing, and 1.3 GB per second for reading. A big difference between writing and reading, as well as between models, which already existed on the 128 GB computer of 2018.

Credit: Consomac

Reading is however very important to have access to files, to start the computer. Besides, it can have a great impact on the user experience and can retain or attract some of them. Indeed, what is more nervous than a slow computer?

At the moment, the reason for the slowness of the disc is unclear. However, it is possible that Apple has put on a cheaper SSD to compensate for the drop in price of the computer. The new model is indeed rated100 percent less than the 2018 model. Also note that the configuration chosen and the way you use your computer do play an important role in your behavior.