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Downloading an iOS application from Facebook is now possible

marzo 10, 2020

The social network now offers the possibility of downloading an iOS application directly from its platform.


The least we can say is that the two firms Apple and Facebook are collaborating more and more. As evidenced today, the new partnership set up between the two firms which consists of offering members of the famous social network to download an iOS application directly from its platform, reports the site TechCrunch. Concretely, if an iOS application is suggested for download on Facebook and if a user clicks on it, a pop-up window will open and allow the latter to download the application directly from this window. A small revolution since until now, it was mandatory to go to the App Store to download an iOS application. A novelty that should also delight advertisers since users will no longer be tempted to abandon the download for fear of leaving the Facebook application. It remains to be seen whether this API provided by Facebook will be made available to developers.

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