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Apple Store staff under fire

marzo 10, 2020

In an article published this Thursday on his site, Gizmodo paints a bleak picture of the backyard of Apple Stores around the world. Could the American site have pushed the plug a little too far?


Since the case of the leak of the iPhone 4 in 2010, the site Gizmodo is in the crosshairs of Apple. And if one crott an article published this Thursday on the American site, the relations between these two parties are not ready to soften. Indeed, Gizmodo has published on its site information which apparently aims to have the effect of a small bomb. In his article, the American site pingle, documents supporting it, the behavior of certain employees of the Apple Store which would be inadmissible. referring in particular to the staff in charge of "Genius Bars" (Apple after-sales service), Gizmodo claims that some employees in blue t-shirts would have fun destroying iPhones and shooting in iMacs by simple game, others would practice character theft. "It is incredibly easy to steal iPhones, and I know someone who made $ 40 to $ 60,000 from reselling iPhones before being hired by a new employee", indicates an anonymous source of the site. Worse, when an attractive customer comes with her computer or iPhone for a problem, some sensitive employees would go so far as to take a look at her photos and circulate them internally if they turn out to be crisp. The site also points the finger at executives who would not hesitate to ask for favors ?a little too advanced? from certain young employees. In short, an inglorious angle of the Apple Stores which are renowned so far for their seriousness and their professionalism. "Problems that are not new," adds the site.

Shocked statements reported by the American site, which however tends to generalize this type of behavior in all of the stores of the apple brand while in fine, it could only be a few cases found in more than 300 Apple Stores around the world. A behavior that the American site is trying to put on the back of Apple when it is however possible to find the same type of behavior in other companies in the distribution sector.

Difficult in any case to be able to verify the accuracy of this information.Gizmodo indicates in any case to have identified numerous testimonies through employees coming from shops in the United States and Canada but the site does not exclude such practices in Europe.

The site says that these employees would act in this way because they feel bad country while in return, the flow of sales in stores would not stop growing …

Some employees of Apple Stores have already reacted to the article, indicating in the form of comments that they had never witnessed such situations.

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