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YouTube Music: Music Locker, the best Play Music feature, is finally here

After replacing Play Music among the applications preinstalled on Android, YouTube Music now incorporates its flagship feature: the online storage of a music library, then accessible from anywhere in streaming. There are obviously some differences, but the principle remains the same.

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As it had leaked in February, Music Locker, the best feature of Play Music, arrives in YouTube Music, confirming that the second will replace the first. And luck before the closing of Play Music, already announced by the disappearance of the latter in the pack of Google apps preinstalled in the Android system, it is certainly only a matter of months, now. For several years, Play Music has not been able to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Tidal. So it's time to give YouTube Music a chance.

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Music Locker therefore arrives in YouTube Music. The function, which relies on a virtual personal space to place musical songs, has been tested by our colleagues from Android Police who explains how it works, but also the differences between the Play Music version and the YouTube Music version. However, overall, the service objective does not seem to have been altr : the user is still able to send songs to their personal space. These songs are then added to the user's private library. He then accesses it via streaming. Veil for global use.

Up to 100,000 songs stored in the cloud

But there are some subtle differences noted by our colleagues. First, at the level of putting the pieces online. Each user hasspace for 100,000 songs for everyone. Play Music blocked the 50,000 song counter for free users and doubled this volume for Music Unlimited subscribers. YouTube Music won't make a difference. Next, Play Music had a Windows application that automated the transfer (much like Google Drive). This is not the case here: everything is manual. Finally, five file formats are supported: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, M4A. YouTube does not support files protected by DRM.

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Another negative point for YouTube, the streaming service does not (yet?) Accept the correction of metadata. Impossible to review the metadonnes to facilitate their classification. Once the files are transmitted, they are integrated into a private library. They are separate from conventional content, but they appear in searches. Free YouTube users also access the services and, small miracle, without advertising between personal songs (however, always keep the app open and in the foreground). The songs uploaded are available with Android Auto, but not with Google Home and Google Assistant. Finally, YouTube Music does not limit the number of terminals (computers, tablets or smartphones) allowed to access your music library to ten.

Source: Android Police

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