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Recharge your call credit with the "Hello" application will soon be possible

marzo 9, 2020

According to our sources, a major update to the Belgacom "Hello" application is expected to arrive in the month of December. In particular, it will allow ?pre-country? customers to top up their call credit?


Belgacom is continuing to develop its Hello application and the next update, expected to arrive sometime in December, is likely to be of more interest to customers who have opted for a prepaid solution for using their mobile. If this application was already very practical by offering to be able to control the state of its mobile consumption in one click, it will henceforth allow this type of customer to be able to recharge their call credit or that of someone else (Belcacom or Proximus ). A top-up which therefore concerns the call credit but also the purchase of an SMS or volume data pack. It will also be possible for this type of customer to be able to recharge their call credit for an amount predefined in the application (from 5 50) or an amount entered by them. Payment will then be made using a Visa card through the Ogone portal, but a payment system via Paypal is expected to arrive in a second step.

The design of the application will be changed again since it will display a whole new welcome screen offering access to the ?My consumption?, ?My products?, ?Reload?, ?Help? and ?Contact? functionalities. to offer to download the other Belgacom applications (TV Partout, Belgacom 11, I am OK and 1307).

A final novelty will be at the ?Help? functionality which provides all the configuration information (Internet access, MMS, etc.) for many devices. The customer will only have to select the model of his smartphone to find all the procedures to follow.

The writing of Belgium-iPhone was able to test the bta version of this next update. Unfortunately the latter was not optimized for the iPhone 5 screen. On the Belgacom side, we are confirmed that the final version is expected to be optimized for the iPhone 5 screen. The application is expected to be submitted to Apple later this week to be made available on the App Store later in December.

Download the ?Hello? app for free from the App Store.

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