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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City available on the App Store

The most "flashy" episode of the GTA series lands on the Apple platform …


After Chinatown Wars and GTA III, it's now the turn of this special edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to land on the App Store. This game which celebrates its tenth anniversary benefits from the opportunity of multiple additions ranging from textures in high definition to small ?in-game? bonuses, in addition to offering superb updated graphics, new models for characters and light effects. In addition, the game has new targeting and shooting options, much more precise as well as the possibility of saving its games on iCloud.

As a reminder, the concept of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City consists of a character who will climb all levels of crime by flying in urban settings dotted with gigantic villas where celebrities are in the ghetto.

Download the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app from the App Store (universal app – 4.49).

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