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HTC deal could earn Apple $ 1 billion

marzo 8, 2020

Yesterday, we are announcing that Apple and HTC have signed a cross-license agreement for a period of 10 years. If the details of the contract remain unknown, some analysts seem to have elements to teach us more about the deal …


If HTC and Apple have not communicated the slightest detail on the sums received by each manufacturer for the sale of smartphones from its competitor, some analysts estimate that HTC could pay $ 6 8 per smartphone sold.

In practice, the deal could therefore bring in $ 180,280 million for Apple, or between $ 2 and $ 4 billion over 10 years.

A situation that could well harm HTC, which must already pay Microsoft $ 5 per Android smartphone sold. The Taiwanese firm, which displays sales at half-mast, could well benefit from this situation and post disappointing results for some time yet. Still, if the firm has managed to reach an agreement with Apple, it is probably because it believes that the deal sign is probably more advantageous than a series of lawsuits …

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