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Angry Birds Star Wars breaks all records

marzo 8, 2020

The latest installment by publisher Rovio has just broken the speed record to rise to the top of paid apps in the App Store. It only took 2.5 hours for the latest in the famous series of angry birds to become the hit of the week on the App Store.


Yesterday, publisher Rovio released the latest installment in the successful Angry Birds series. Entitled Angry Birds Star Wars, the latter seems to attract a standard of interest since the Finnish publisher said on Friday that his new title had broken all download records. Indeed, it only took 2.5 hours for Rovio's latest game to rise to the top of the top of paid apps. A record download speed.

The Finnish publisher is not his first record, however, since in May the latter Announced Angry Birds Over 1 Billion Downloads, thus becoming the most played game on the plant.

As a reminder, Rovio?s latest game features the Angry Birds in sets reminiscent of the universe of Stars Wars. For the occasion, the birds are endowed with certain powers that will have to be used to win the games: Annihilate the pigtroopers using the Force and your lightsaber, go on an intergalactic journey taking you from the deserts of Tatoune to the depths of the Star of Bon Pig where you will face neither more nor less Darth Vader!

Angry Birds Star Wars has over 80 levels plus bonus levels for R2-D2 and C-3PO, not to mention the next free updates. A nice gift for fans of the saga who are sure to quickly embark on this new adventure

Download Angry Birds Star Wars on the App Store – iPhone edition – 0.89.? Download Angry Birds Star Wars HD on the App Store – iPad edition – 2.69.

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