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5 best apps to create timelines in 2020

5 best apps to create timelines in 2020

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Every student, teacher, or office worker must meet deadlines, because it's a perfect way to show the process of everything.

Evidence shows that the human brain is more likely to understand information if it is presented visually, which is why time creation is one of the main skills required for a good job.

And this article will help you find the best apps to create your own timeline, whether you're a student or needed for your work. All of the resources listed are great for iOS and Android users.

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If you face a difficult and long-term task, you have to keep in mind all the essential details and steps. In our busy and fast-paced world, this is incredibly difficult.

But is it so important to remember everything yourself? No, because such beautiful applications like Asana have already been invented.

With Asana, you can create a wide range of different timelines for various purposes. This app will be perfect for complicated detailed calendars, which are full of events.

It is also possible to design your chronologies, making them elegant and unique.

You may need a little time to learn how to use Asana, as its interface is different from most other applications.

However, it is worth learning, because this application allows you to create original and creative chronologies, not bland gray diagrams based on a poorly designed model.

Download for Android – Download for iOS


This app will be perfect for any type of group project. It can help organize teamwork, creating blueprints and detailed plans that help explain each member their duties.

For sure, it is also possible to make a calendar, indicating important milestones and deadlines, which cannot be missed.

If you are working with parameters, you can give all members access to the timeline, so everyone can edit it if necessary. You can always go back if an error was made.

In general, there are many functions, but creating timelines is one of the most developed currently. The only downside is that Teamweek is only available for Android users.

Download for Android

Can go

If you like design and have the skills to create various images, infographics and diagrams, you should install Canva.

This application was initially intended for non-professional designers who invent and design logos and advertising sheets.

But this application offers you a wide range of functions, so you can also create a timeline.

However, you should note that it is impossible to create advanced infographics and timelines in this application, only the most basic.

Download for Android

T-Plot Timeline Creator

If you need an application for your own purposes (to monitor the progress of your sports activities or studies), this application is a perfect solution.

The principle of his work is simple: you just need to write down all the steps you have followed, whether it is to give a detailed description of what you were doing or simply to state the most important things.

Timeline Maker will then process the information provided and create a timeline based on it.

This option helps you to visualize your progress and locate the essential moments. It follows the dynamics, which is generally difficult to see without any visualization.

You can easily print all the timelines you have created, because T-Plot saves them in PDF format. You don't have to take any special steps for printing – just print, it's all done by application.

The only downside is that the app is only available for Android.

Download for Android

Chronology – Journal and notes

In this application, you can create as many timelines as you want. It is also possible to use the application to plan future events or to make predictions about the development of a process.

The timescales created by this application can be standard and detailed, so do not hesitate to add all the data that you think is important. There is no limitation.

This application is easy to use thanks to its intelligent interface.

If you want to brag about your progress, you can always share your timeline with friends. The only downside is that the app is only available for iOS.

Download for iOS

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