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Advertising notifications arrive in third-party applications

marzo 6, 2020

Apple has revised the App Store guidelines with the ability for developers to send ad notifications from their apps first. This change remains controlled by Apple. This function can only be effective if users have the possibility to deactivate it in the app settings. Otherwise, Apple will not validate it for delivery to the App Store. In addition, advertising notifications can only be activated with the prior consent of users.

Among other changes, Apple clarified that as of April 30, all apps submitted to the App Store must use the SDK of iOS 13. Adding that dating apps will be allowed, with new categories in the App Store, provided they bringa unique and quality experience.

Apple wants to be more precise with the developers on other points:

  • The connection function Sign In with Apple must be active from April 30, if the app also offersGoogle or Facebook.
  • Location APIs: Developers can use them to provide emergency services, only to warn their users in the interface of their own apps.
  • Apps useful for crime or to escape law enforcement will be expressly rejected from the App Store
  • App Store Comments: Developers should be courteous when responding to comments on the store.

For more information on all changes, go to this address: