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Apple activates Genius in iOS 6 bta

marzo 4, 2020

Apple has enabled the Genius feature in the iOS 6 beta inside the App Store app, reports the site Apple Insider.


Remember, last week, Apple made available some new elements of presentation of the App Store under the beta version of iOS 6. In practice, applications are now displayed in the form of a map which includes a screenshot, in addition to the information Previously already posted? Among the new features, we have also seen the Genius feature appear, the famous recommendation system already known on iTunes – and moreover on iOS – but only for music suggestions. While the functionality was inactive when it arrived last week, Apple has activated it inside the App Store application and it is therefore now possible for the user to find suggestions for applications to download according to those already in his possession. The functionality uses the same principle of presentation of large cards inaugurated last week. On the iPhone, the lack of a list view forces long scrolls from one card to another.


While on the iPad, it is possible to see up to six applications simultaneously. note that a category view for sorting responses is also available but is not yet functional at the time of writing.

As a reminder, Apple should make available the final version of iOS 6 a few days before the marketing of the new iPhone so the arrival would be scheduled for September 21.

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