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They hack an iCloud account thanks to Apple's assistance

marzo 3, 2020

By usurping the identity of a local journalist Wired, hackers managed to access the latter's ?iCloud? backup, reports MacRumors.


It?s an embarrassing msaventure that Wired journalist Mat Honan is currently experiencing. Indeed, the latter recently realized that his iCloud account had been hacked and that sensitive data could therefore have fallen into the hands of malicious people.

The story started when the reporter noticed that backup data for his iPhone, iPad and Mac had all been deleted from his iCloud account. In addition to being able to gain access to the journalist?s personal and confidential data, the hackers were able to gain access to Honan?s Gmail email account as well as access to the Gizmodo site?s Twitter account, where the journalist previously worked.

Theft of journalist?s identity

To succeed, the hackers contacted Apple?s assistance and usurped the identity of the journalist. They said they were having trouble logging into their iCloud account. Attendance from the Cupertino company asked the hackers various questions by phone to verify the identity of the journalist. Questions that have been answered without difficulty by hackers. Subsequently, the latter simply reset the password and obtained access to the journalist's data.

Apple refuses any comment

Asked by the editor of Forbes, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

On the other hand, the Cupertino company is said to be helping the journalist find his data and is in the process of greatly strengthening its security system linked to the iCloud functionality.

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