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Apple highlights its Genius Bar service

In three new commercials, Apple promotes its Genius Bar service in a rather uneven manner.


Buy a computer from Apple, it's the assurance of quality after-sales service! This is in any case the message that Apple is trying to get across in a new series of three advertising spots where it highlights an employee of his Apple Store in situations each time funny. Dressed in the famous blue t-shirt and around the neck, this employee of the Genius Bar (Apple after-sales service) comes to the aid of a passenger who is experiencing difficulties – in mid-flight just before landing – completing a editing on his Mac with the iMovie app. In the second video, the ?little genius? comes to the aid of another client from the firm Apple in the making of electronic announcements. In the latest video, the Apple employee explains to another buyer that the computer a neighborhood store sold him as so much as a Mac is nothing. Note that once again, Apple is showing minimalism in its advertisements: we do not see any computer stamped with the Apple brand in these three videos which simply end with the name "Mac".

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The videos: