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Apple about to buy The Fancy?

marzo 3, 2020

The American glove is eyeing the website The fancy, a product collection site, which earns a commission for each purchase, reports Business Insider.


Apple on the verge of acquiring the firm behind the website The fancy, that's what I think I know anyway Business Insider. This startup consists of around twenty people who manage a site that allows you to create product lists. And when one of these products is purchased, a commission is automatically generated and is found in the cash registers of The fancy. A kind of Pinterest commercial, in short.

The Fancy DR website screenshot

According to the same source, the turnover of The fancy is reportedly increasing sharply in recent times. Good financial health which would have attracted the interest of Apple CEO Tim Cook, himself already a user of this site.

Jack Dorsey and Chris Hughes as main investors

In the fall of last year, The fancy raised 10 million dollars (8 million euros). A maneuver that allowed him to be valued 100 million dollars (80 million euros). Its main investors are Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook.

Strengthening in sight for iTunes?

While Apple has recently bought companies ( and Chomp) whose structure is comparable to The Fancy, the Cupertino company could use this potential new acquisition to be able to better compete with Facebook which is trying as best it can to create a trading platform on its social network, believes an expert from Telsyte, quoted by ZDNet.

By integrating the technology developed and used by The fancy, Apple would offer a new commercial dimension to users and customers of its services.

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