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Google Earth for iOS integrates cities in 3D

marzo 2, 2020

The Internet glove is making a new version of its ?Google Earth? application available, which now includes 3D maps.

While Google?s mapping service would not be integrated into iOS 6, the Internet glove still intends to keep an important place with iOS device users. It proves this once again today by making available the seventh version of its ?Google Earth? application, which has the particularity of integrating a new 3D mapping system. Thanks to this tool, the user will be able to fly over entire cities in 3D cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva or Rome. ?New destinations will be available in the coming weeks.?, says Google. An interesting tool for people who are preparing to travel in these counters or who simply want to remember old visits to the cities raised.

Remember that during the Google I / O conference, the Internet glove indicated that the photos integrated into its new 3D display mode were captured using fixed cameras on planes that took thousands of photos. Subsequently, these photos have been sorted and assembled to obtain such a result which, at first glance, seems convincing to say the least without counting on the fluidity of this new service which seems to be good! A small detail of importance remains nevertheless: this new functionality is available on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later.

Beyond the update of ?Google Earth?, Google should also make available a new application. In practice, the user will be able to download the map of a city and view it, in particular in this new display mode as offline. Better yet, from the moment the mobile device (a smartphone or a tablet) is equipped with a compass and / or GPS, this mapping service will be able to represent you, all without an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Download the ?Google Earth? app for free from the App Store.

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