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Concept: the return of the transparent iPhone 5

marzo 2, 2020

As part of his school career, a student set to work to make a video clip which praises the functionalities of a hypothetical iPhone 5 which would have the particularity of being transparent.

The next generation of the iPhone has not stopped giving ideas to designers. This is evidenced by the project recently carried out by this American student as part of his studies. The latter produced a video clip in which he highlights an iPhone 5 concept that brings a lot of new features. Entirely tactile (including the Home button and the back surface), this iPhone concept was designed using materials that can become transparent. Another interesting specification, the device has a fingerprint recognition system, a system that allows, for example, to identify oneself on Facebook with a simple touch of a finger. To continue the dream, the device also embeds a hologram functionality which, as revealed by the video, allows, for example, to view documents of type Numbers in larger format. A concept that has everything to please?

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The concept in video: