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Apple battles recent hacking from the App Store

marzo 2, 2020

Apple has started operations to try to block hacking of the In-app system of the App Store recently highlighted by a Russian developer. A game of cat and mouse which is however likely to continue.


Apple needs to be very proactive when it comes to ensuring the security of its products and platforms. As proof, its pro-reactivity in the case concerning the hacking of the ?In App? system of the App Store recently highlighted by Russian developer Alexey V. Borodin aka ZonD80. A little trick which consisted in installing specific profiles (via certificates) as well as a DNS redirection which sends micro-payment requests to the hacker's server. The Cupertino company, however, began its operations in an attempt to permanently block this type of hacking, reveals the site TheNextWeb. The Cupertino company thus blocked the IP address of the offending server and also put pressure on the Russian host so that it completely prohibits access. Apple also got Youtube the tutorial video and PayPal stopped, the hacker's account which had been set up to collect donations was blocked.

A cat and mouse game just getting started?

Still according to the same source, the hacker would have already promised not to let himself go and would have already found the solution: a new server located in a country offshore was set up by the hacker. A new diversion device that Apple will have more difficulty blocking since it no longer operates directly through the App Store and no longer stores data from user accounts.

In conclusion, Apple faces an important new case related to the security of its App Store. A case that it must resolve quickly if it does not want to attract the wrath of the developers. unless it is already too late given the large number of applications that offer this type of micro payments on the App Store.

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