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Netherlands: Apple to compensate Samsung for patent infringement

The American glove Apple was ordered Wednesday in the Netherlands to compensate its Korean competitor Samsung for an amount which has not been determined for violation of a patent protecting its smartphones and tablets, announced the court in The Hague.


?The court condemns the defendant to pay Samsung the damages suffered by the latter since August 4, 2010 following the violation of patent EP 269?, said the court in The Hague in its judgment, which marks a new episode in the legal war between the two rivals around the world.

Samsung had taken to the Dutch courts, considering that Apple infringed four patents related to the technology of third generation mobile telephony (3G), used on its smartphones and tablets.

The court only ruled on Samsung for one of the four patents. The amount of compensation that Apple must pay Samsung will be determined later.

"Today's judgment confirms that Apple was using our technological innovations"AFP Vivian Peters, spokesperson for Samsung in the Netherlands, said. Apple was not available immediately.

The two groups, which market iPhone and Galaxy S smartphones in particular, are filing complaints against one another around the world, accusing each other of copying and infringing patents.

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(Source: AFP.)