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An iPhone XI concept that seems to be unanimous

marzo 1, 2020

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe closer we get to the traditional return keynote, the more the rumors, leaks and concepts generate buzz on social networks! And obviously this year is iPhone XI.

Discover the latest iPhone XI concept that is talking about it

Sometimes we say that the person who made this concept should work at Apple so much that his inspiration would be a breath of fresh air in the products offered by the Californian firm. This is somewhat the case with Yanko Design, which has released a concept that has already won over a lot of people and knows how to be different from the others already seen.

iphone 11 yanko 1

Until today when someone told you about the next iPhone XI we all had the image of the back of an iPhone with a pretty pretty and vertically shaped photo module. Fortunately, not all designers who spread these concepts all over the internet have the same point of view. This concept brings a different vision of things since it has a horizontal photo module, dyed black. Only the flash is not very discreet, but it is impossible to hide it if we want it to be effective for taking a photo in a dark environment.

We also find in this horizontal bar a proximity detector, a microphone and an ambient light detector. Elements that can serve a lot of things, especially to iOS applications that exploit the increasing reality.

iphone 11 yanko 4

Regarding the front of the iPhone we still find the famous notch that is present since the iPhone X, Yanko Design does not seem to believe the disappearance of the notch fits. Just like the rumors which affirm a presence of the notch for a few more years. Overall on this concept, the front does not change.

There are also different colors that have already been offered by Apple: black, gold and silver!

iphone 11 yanko 3

A concept that is different and interesting when we compare what we have already seen looping in recent days on Twitter and Instagram.
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