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A micro USB connector for the iPhone 5?

marzo 1, 2020

Apple may have chosen to integrate a micro USB port in the iPhone 5 to comply with the European directive to standardize AC chargers.

A few days ago, the site TechCrunch revealed the information that the next generation iPhone will have a new 19-pin connector port (against 30 pins currently). An important modification which could lead to an incompatibility with the current accessories system for iDevice. According to the Italian blog Mela, Apple would have chosen to opt for a new connector port, compatible with micro USB, to satisfy the European directive aiming to standardize the chargers sector. A directive drawn up by ETSI and CEN-CENELEC which aims to extend to the rest of the world.

Mela connector port adapter concept

While waiting to know if Apple has opted to comply with this directive, this Italian blog offers a concept of adapter (see above) which would not leave plan users of drivs (hi-hi dock, car charger, etc.) destined to operate the old connector port.

We discuss it on the forum.