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An application to launch dance challenges

febrero 21, 2020

Microsoft continues to release new applications / games on other media, this time with an application that serves to promote the dance game Dance Central 2 on Kinect. Completely free, it allows you to dance to the rhythm of a few electronic songs, record everything and share it on social networks.

Completely free, this new application integrates a handful of well-known electronic titles, such as ?Like a G6?. Once the song is chosen, the user can record a dancing friend, edit the video using a few eye-catching visual effects, and post it all to social media. An advanced function even makes it possible to propose challenges to friends, and to organize votes on Facebook. The Dance Central 2 Dance Cam seems in any case to be a new attempt by Microsoft to get closer to its audience on other platforms. Just before this weekend, the Redmond glove had also announced that it wanted to continue in this direction by developing more applications / games for other platforms in order to offer a full service to its Windows / Xbox users on all media. .

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