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Apple could sell up to 15 million MacBooks in 2017

febrero 17, 2020

MacBook sales are expected to grow 10% in 2017.

macbook pro oled

According to the Economic Daily News, Apple could sell up to 15 million MacBooks in 2017.

The computer glove would expect a 10% growth in sales this year, thanks in particular to the success of its MacBook Pro.

The Californian group is expected to launch this year a new version of its MacBook Pro, which would ship up to 32 GB of RAM and see its price drop significantly.

The MacBook Retina should also be refreshed this year, unlike the MacBook Air, which officially died in 2016.

The watchword for Apple today seems to be profitability. The brand is betting more than ever on high-end models – offering better margins to the manufacturer -, and on features capable of attracting the eye of the consumer, the image of the touch bar of the new MacBook Pro, which we have a lot spoken in the past few weeks.

In any case, the strong growth expected in 2017 is excellent news for the Californian group.