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Munster plans new iPad, redesigned iPhone 5 in 2012

febrero 15, 2020

Gene Munster, a financial analyst specializing in Apple products, plans to release an iPhone 5 with a completely redesigned design and several iPads in 2012. He also believes that Apple should see its sales grow next year.

Gene Munster and Piper Jaffray are predicting new Apple devices for Wednesday next year in a note to investors. The two financial analysts believe that Apple should see its revenues grow next year, with an increase in revenues of more than 15% whatever happens.

Munster sees 2012 with a very positive view. According to him, Apple will release an iPhone 5 with a completely redesigned design which would increase revenues from iPhone devices by 18 35% compared to the current year. For its part, the iPad would be declined in several versions, with cheaper versions and other high-end. The iPad division is expected to bring in 11 30% more revenue than last year.

Finally, concerning computers, Munster thinks that Apple will also choose the choice of diversity with high and low end devices. He estimates that 24 26 million Macs will find buyers in 2012.

Source: AppleInsider

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