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iTether withdraws from the App Store under pressure from operators

febrero 11, 2020

The iTether application which made it possible to establish a tethering connection between a computer and an iPhone was removed from the App Store by Apple under pressure from the operatorss.

Something new regarding the removal of the iTether app from the App Store. The application?s publisher explains in a press release to have received information that their application was removed from the App Store, by Apple, under pressure from operators.

Indeed, iTether made it possible to share an Internet connection between a computer and an iPhone. An opportunity for users of Apple's flagship product which would not have been seen very well by operators. The latter have probably bent the Cupertino firm preferring to keep "control" of access to the Mobile Internet from a computer by offering notably 3G keys and the data subscriptions that accompany them.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via Mac rumors )

Thank you Etienne for the info!